Violence against Africa’s children is rising. It stains our collective conscience | Graça Machel

We must apply our own home-grown initiatives if we are to curb abuses of Africa’s most vulnerable Of all the unspeakable injustices suffered by Africa’s children – and I’ve witnessed many – violence is surely the worst because it is almost entirely preventable. Africa’s children suffer many hardships, including poverty, […]

All the trains in my son’s train podcast ranked by how much I hate them | Ben Jenkins

Living in lockdown with small children means distracting them with the same thing, over and over again, until you – like Ben Jenkins – are driven insane Every parent of a young child in lockdown either knows this fact or is about to learn it: you don’t get to choose […]

Biden says children under 12 could be eligible for Covid vaccines within months

President urges Americans to take ‘gigantically important’ step of getting vaccinated amid surging cases Joe Biden has expressed optimism that young children would soon become eligible for Covid-19 inoculations, while urging unvaccinated Americans to take the “gigantically important” step of getting their shots as the virus surges across the US. […]

UK children will not be offered Covid jab unless vulnerable

Sajid Javid accepts JCVI advice that jab should only be offered to clinically at-risk children over age of 12 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Children in the UK will get a Covid vaccine only if they are over 12 and extremely vulnerable, or live with someone […]

Delays aggravate debate over Covid jabs for UK children

Analysis: opinion is becoming sharply divided in the absence of official recommendations Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The delay in deciding whether to vaccinate children over 12 against Covid is unlikely to help resolve what is already a contentious issue. A survey by the Office for […]

Missing school: how art can help girls in Nepal get an education – in pictures

Some of the UK’s best-loved illustrators, including Axel Scheffler, Debi Gliori and Jackie Morris, have created artworks telling the stories of children in rural Nepal who struggle to get an education. The pictures are being raffled by the charity United Word Schools, which has opened schools in the country. All […]

‘Never apologise for being you’: disabled celebrities’ letters to their teenage selves

Don’t buy the pink wheelchair – but do eat your greens (and some pizza too). Disabled comedians, musicians, athletes, writers and mathematicians on what they wish they’d known growing up If being a teenager is hard for everyone, being a disabled teenager can feel like a slog. No longer protected […]

New balance: will work be more parent-friendly than ever after the pandemic?

Between home schooling and hybrid working, the last year has brought rapid and radical shifts in our working habits, good and bad. Now it is time to see whether positive change can stick Last month, a video by Maggie Mundwiller, a mother in St Louis, Missouri, went viral on TikTok. […]

‘We can do anything’: the Indian girls’ movement fighting child marriage

At 17, Priyanka Bairwa refused her arranged marriage. Instead, she started Rajasthan Rising to help thousands of others and call for free education Priyanka Bairwa was 15 when her family, began to look for a husband for her. The pandemic sped up the process, as schools shut and work dried […]

Can facial analysis technology create a child-safe internet?

Determining a person’s age online seems like an intractable problem. But new technology and laws could be on the brink of solving it Suppose you pulled out your phone this morning to post a pic to your favourite social network – let’s call it Twinstabooktok – and were asked for […]