‘I’m always afraid’: Fiji reels as it moves from Covid haven to frontline

Largely spared an outbreak earlier in the pandemic, the Pacific nation is now grappling with a rising caseload, and a shrinking economy For most of the pandemic, when Fijians tuned in each night to updates from the country’s health experts, they were greeted with the same message: the nation had […]

Forget GDP, ‘vulnerability index best gauges aid’ to small islands

Commonwealth research says UVI is better measure of small island states’ aid needs, especially on climate Small island nations on the climate crisis frontlines have been overlooked in overseas aid, according to a new index. Urging a move away from the current benchmark of using gross domestic product (GDP) to […]

Not a lone shark: bull sharks may form ‘friendships’ with each other, study finds

The apex predators show preferences for certain individuals and avoid others, according to new research on sharks in Fiji They reach 3.5 metres long, weigh more than 200kg and are an apex predator. But even apex predators need friends. And, according to new research, bull sharks may be capable of […]

Why the world’s most fertile fishing ground is facing a ‘unique and dire’ threat

China’s Pacific fishing fleet has grown by 500% since 2012 and is taking huge quantities of tuna Read more of our Pacific Plunder series here Since long before the steel-hulled fishing boats from foreign countries arrived in the South Pacific its people have had their own systems for sharing the […]

How conspiracy theories led to Covid vaccine hesitancy in the Pacific

Social media has been flooded with falsehoods about fertility, birth control and surveillance as nations struggle to administer enough doses As Papua New Guinea grappled with a monumental outbreak of Covid-19 last month, prime minister James Marape became the first person in the country to receive a dose of the […]

Fears of Covid ‘tsunami’ in Fiji after outbreak found to be Indian variant

Covid-19 outbreak in Pacific nation has forced lockdowns across the country, after the island nation avoided transmission for a year Fijian health officials are bracing for a “tsunami” of Covid-19 cases, after the Indian variant was detected in the Pacific nation this week, with lockdowns announced in an attempt to […]