Balloon test flight plan under fire over solar geoengineering fears

Swedish environmental groups warn test flight could be first step towards the adoption of a potentially “dangerous, unpredictable, and unmanageable” technology A proposed scientific balloon flight in northern Sweden has attracted opposition from environmental groups over fears it could lead to the use of solar geoengineering to cool the Earth […]

Catherine O’Hara on the joy of Schitt’s Creek: ‘Eugene Levy is the sweetest man!’

The biggest TV hit of the pandemic? A comedy about a family holed up against their will. Its star discusses warmth, wigs and why she loves playing Moira Rose Catherine O’Hara and I spend most of our time together anxiously apologising to one another, me for my terrible wifi connection, […]

Jackie Kay on Bessie Smith: ‘My libidinous, raunchy, fearless blueswoman’

As a black girl growing up in 1970s Glasgow, poet Jackie Kay developed a passion for Bessie Smith. In this extract from her new book, she remembers the wild spirit who helped her find her true self I was adopted in 1961 and brought up in a suburban house in […]